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Anyone up for a "B&B Slowpoke Ride" series?

I've talked this over with bigbossman, and he's sold on the idea, too (which should be enough to scare off anyone with sense right there. ) - we want to put together a series of rides for folks who want to do fun rides of varying lengths and difficulties but are a bit, shall we say, intimidated by some of the rides some of our fellow NorCal types do.

So we are proposing an alternative: the B&B Slowpoke Ride Series. The idea is to set up a series of reasonably paced, no-drop, plenty-of-regrouping rides for folks who are aiming to take that first-ever 30 miler. Or who climb at 4 or 5 mph (which is me on a good day). Or who think that a 39x23 gear is a torture device, not a granny gear. Or who think 19 mph is not an easy cruising speed on a gentle rise into a headwind.

We will be focusing on rides in the central Contra Costa County area, at least to start, mainly because bigbossman is lazy as hell and doesn't want to have to get up early enough to travel anywhere else. And finding fun places to stop to eat and will be prominently featured.

So is anyone interested? You can respond in this thread, or you can PM bigbossman and me in case you're afraid that Pete/taxi777 will make fun of you. (He will, but Pete makes fun of everyone, especially himself, so don't sweat it. For that matter, the same holds true for BBM. )

Now don't get me wrong - I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against the Usual Gang of NorCal riders who get together many weekends. These folks are friendly and very welcoming. I have ridden with them (well, I've met them at them the start of several rides and waved as they disappeared as soon as the road tilted up) and what they say about themselves and their lack of cycling prowess is absolutely true - compared to the Tour de France peloton. But compared to me, these folks move like Ferraris and climb like Saturn V boosters, know what I'm sayin'?

So who wants in?
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