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Real Windmills!

The highlight of the day at least for me was when I went into a turn at just over 40 Mph that was posted as 20 Mph. I figured out very fast why it said 20 Mph. It was that feeling you get when you know you're a goner! The stomach flips and the scalp feels like pins and needles. I stayed within 2 inches of going off the cliff. I was amazed that I didn't!

The rest of the day was great. The scenery was stupendous! I'd never ventured out that far before, so the territory was knew to me. I was a little bonky before lunch and just after but I felt great towards the end of the ride. Ron, Curtis and I spent a lot of time at the back of the pack talking and joking around. It was a strange looking scene when we stopped to watch Curtis disrobing and then helped him pack all his clothing into any available pocket space. Any passerby might have taken it as some kind of roadside ****, especially when I was behind him forcing stuff in to his pocket while he somewhat bent over with legs akimbo! Ron was the consumate girl and just watched and Bit**ed at us.

There were a good number of us today- ten Gladiators, the pace was kept pretty high by the sparring of Glen and Ramone. I kind of felt like I was lagging a bit, but then I got really caught up in the picture taking and taking in the scenery.

The group picture was great at the Patterson Pass summit where we met another group that had just reached the summit. The descent was incredibly fast with a good line of sight most of the way.

Great day today everyone thanks for hanging out and spending the day riding.

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