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Once again, I climbed today past the White Line of Death (WLOD) on Mount Uhmunhum Road. Just as I was nearing the summit, I came across a pick-up truck involved in some work. As I rode past the open window I said "Hi", and as I went past the driver said "Hay", so I went back and talked to him. He told me his name, and said he is one of the local property owners. Local warned me that if I continued I would be at risk of a ticket from one of three jurisdictions, the County (Sheriff), the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, and/or even the Federal Government.

Local personally didn't have any particular problem with cyclists, but there is a Uhmunhum property owner's association which sets the policy to keep the road private. They do things like close the gate every July 4th, as this maintains its designation as a private road. Apparently it all revolves around the McQueen property, over which the road to the summit crosses, and includes the summit tower installation. McQueen's property also has water, upon which other properties are seasonally dependent. The legendary property owner, Loren R. “Mac” McQueen, sadly, left this world in 2007, and his heirs run the enterprise, Communication and Control, Inc. (CCI).

McQueen was described as "gruff on the outside, but with a heart of gold on the inside" (and we know what this means). He was noted for being somewhat ornery, in a colorful "git off my property" sort of way.

Nicknamed the "King of the Mountain," McQueen would patrol his mountain property in a jeep with a gun rack to discourage hikers, bicyclists and motorcyclists from straying from narrowly defined public roads and trails onto his antenna sites....He is survived by his son Scott; and daughters Randee and Lori McQueen.
Local intimated that a plan that had been bandied about for the MPROSD to have the road public, as he specified that in such a case that the road would be open until sunset. Does anyone at MPROSD have any special interest? Local didn't know. Interestingly, Local complained that the MPROSD was supposed to fix the many potholes in the entire road, but its feeble road patching efforts were not done at all above WLOD. I pointed out perhaps the MPRSOSD felt that since the local property owners made a big deal out of keeping their section private, so too locals should be privately responsible for the upkeep of "their" road. Local didn't seem to understand that concept.

Local referred to an original "agreement" between the MPROSD and the local property owners, dating possibly back from the MPROSD took control in 1986. There is a 1988 lawsuit filed by McQueen against MPROSD here. Though the Almaden Air Force Station, was closed down in 1980, the Federal Government still apparently has installation up there of some sort (which might have some bearing on the easement? --speculation).

A lot of discussion of all these issues here.
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