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Originally Posted by SpongeDad View Post
Apparently it will use "piezoceramic components" from very summary web descriptions. It is also referred to as a direct force measuring device.

I took the survey, but here's my take home advice:

1 - $1200, wireless, same weight and accuracy as Powertap or Quarq and it doesn't mess with the fit of my shoes - I and many others will buy one.

2 - Your life will be happier if you beat any Quarq release of a Shimano compatible device (not that any is schedule).

Hell, I'd buy one even if I had to go up a size (as long as the shoes still fit well).

Hmmm...if the idea is to have some sort of force measuring device in the shoe, I have a hard time seeing how they will be able to get accurate power measurements across the board without also measuring the shoe/crank angle in order to calculate the effective driving force...that was a MAJOR assumption for the Microsports idea...
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