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Mess Bag That's Functional and Profesh

I've scoured this and the SS/FG forum, but can't quite find the advice I need.

I've been slinging my Patagonia messenger bag for 10 years. It's now held together with dental floss (stuff is strong). It's left handed, black, reflective and can almost pass as something a respectable academic/scientist would carry. Well, it did before the floss.

I carry a ton of paper clothes and a 15" laptop daily and sometimes a lock if I can't leave my bike inside. Other than that, I use it for groceries, as a weekend bag and for everything else that you can do with 1200 cubic inches.

My wife has a Timbuk2, but I can't ever get it adjusted right. It's a bit more square and a bit stiffer than my bag. By being more ambidextrous it never feels "dialed in" on either shoulder. However, the things are on sale for around $65 with a bunch of reflective junk that doesn't look too bad. That's cool.

I'd rather have a Chrome Citizen while on the bike, but I worry it will look a little junky when I'm not riding despite the much better fit. Perhaps others can convince me otherwise. I'm tempted by the Chrome Ranchero, but I'd have to order it blind as I've never seen or touched one.

Ideas? Do other companies do a better job bridging this gap in a similar price range (Seagule, R.E.Load, others).

My priorities are
1) Fit / Size (1200-1500 cube in)
2) Stability
3) Visibility (no blind spots)
4) Not get laughed at while riding or working
5) Price
6) Water proof
7) Visibility (reflective)

Thanks 'yall
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