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2 things I've learned from bank of america.

1. They don't give a flaming crap.
2. They will charge you rightfully, wrongfully, and/or for the fun of it.

My problem stemmed from going in and getting a checking account and with it came a credit card. I had a friend come with me, and he witnessed the whole thing. The accountant who was a lady told me that if I was to go into the overdraft on my checking, it would go into a temporary bank credit spot and I'd be charged 6% a day on what I'd gone over. I asked many questions to make sure because I'd never heard of overdraft protection like this. My friend recalls it the same way I did. Later on I rent a movie from one of those dollar rental places and I forget to return it for 5-6 days. It automatically charges a dollar a day, ok no big deal 5-6 bucks over.... well I end up with 200ish overdraft charges. I call up the corporate, turns out the buffer for the overdraft plan comes out of the credit card... my credit card was maxed out because I had put a car rental on it. Misunderstanding I would have thought they'd take off the charges considering they were 1$ charges and obviously I hadn't spent some insane amount into the negative. I call up BOA I ask why the card didn't cut off after the original -amount, the manager tells me "sorry sir the card can't think for you it doesn't have a mind of it's own", the guy was a rude butt. Numerous times they nicely tell me basically screw off your going to give us money for free. I mean, the entire problem was because of what the bank accountant told me originally(philipino lady very hard to understand her english ug)

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