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Originally Posted by MAK View Post
Here's a radical had a bag that lasted ten years, was the size you wanted, had the look and feel you wanted...why not buy another Patagonia bag?
They don't make anything even close to what I've got anymore. I wish they did.

About Chrome... I think they make great stuff, but I'm worried that their beefiness could get in the way off the bike. I'm looking for a bag I can take anywhere and I'm nervous that the Chrome may not be up to that. I think that by the third time I had to explain to my 60 something boss/coworkers that 'yes, there is a giant, red seatbelt on my chest' I'd crack. I would love someone to tell me I'm wrong about this, cuz I'd buy that thing in a sec otherwise.

The Seagull suggestion is one I've considered. Their black bag doesn't seem to have a small size right now, but I may email them and see if that's about to change. They look worth the wait for that price.

FWIW This is the no-longer-made Pataguici bag.

Flat like a pancake and still water proof after putting pins in it. Googly eyes FTW.

Asymmetric strap makes everything sit nice. Also note the floss.
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