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The most disgusting bad habit you have witnessed

One rule on this thread tho, leave friskiness out of it... remember this is Foo and there are a few innocent minds around. That said:

What was the most disgusting habit you have witnessed? Something that was so disgusting that even remembering it causes nausea on you?

This one was back in college, in the 90's. A guy (let's call him Joe) from our study group had an apartment right across the street from campus. When all study rooms were full at the library, we ended up Joe's apt. One day one of the guys was using the bathroom and Joe had to pee. He waited for a few minutes but said he could not longer hold it. He went to the kitchen area, took an empty glass, turned his back to us, unzipped and relieved himself on the glass.

He then zipped back, emptied the glass on the sink, washed it with some water (no soap or anything, just a little bit of water) and put it back on the table. We all almost puked. Thanks God we always went there with our own sodas and/or beers and never had used a glass from that apt.

That event was a defining point in my life. To this day, I never accept a drink when I'm visiting somebody, unless is a canned drink like a soda or a beer.

Your turn...
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