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Originally Posted by unime View Post
Because there are losses, the equations are not generally reversable.
I'm really not all that concerned with the efficiency of the generator at this point. In fact I think it's the obsession with the recapturing of the energy that gets people lost. (they miss the bigger picture)

The "point" is that people use the term "regen" thinking that it means that somehow you are recapturing energy that is "not being used" somehow. In some cases I can see hard braking before going into a turn as a valid argument for using an energy recapture system (like KERS in F1) but "regen" usage is best done in the middle of straight aways when you would otherwise be coasting freely.

"Regen" = "Regenerative Braking" (you don't get "free energy" it's going to slow you down)

But think of what people are being asked to do... they are being asked to use their "regen" on long downhills. The argument goes:

"Oh, I like going slow downhill... it's so relaxing."

(if that's one view of long distance riding that's not going to help promote ebiking to the general public that's for sure)


What I seek to show is that in something like a Tour De France style race that the adoption of "regen" has absolutely no benefit and would actually cause the user of the technology to fall behind if they actually used it fully.


As I said in a previous posting... if a rider slows himself with "regen" on a long downhill he has to make up that time somewhere else. This means that the rider using "regen" would need to use MORE energy on the flat land after the hill just to catch up with the pack. Add into it that on a downhill there are advantages to staying up with the pack because you can reduce aerodynamic losses by drafting.


Sometimes there are things that are simply "not adequately challenged" and regen is one of them.


Is the basic argument clear?

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