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Originally Posted by borland View Post
negatives ....

- regenerative braking can require increased maintenance, if it over time loosens the axle nuts due to counter axle torque.

- regenerative braking takes some getting used to.
You forgot to mention that it's slower. It's regenerative "braking"... which means that you need to use it only when you would normally brake had you been on a freewheel configured bike. (otherwise you fall behind)

All the time you are slowing yourself down with the regenerative braking the guy with the freewheel right next to you is coasting ahead and leaving you far behind.

Don't we count in the idea of "performance" the idea that one wants to get somewhere?

The way people are thinking of regen they seem to factor out this "performance" line of thinking. It would never make much sense in a long distance race of ebike verses ebike because the other bike using a freewheel is more "efficient". (it's better at going fast)

If two ebikes start at point A, one has regen, the other has a freewheel, and they are otherwise identical, then the freewheel bike will always reach point B first after going over a hill even if the regen bike uses excess energy to try to catch up when on the flat.

The freewheel will always win...


But I thank you for presenting the traditional arguments.

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