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Originally Posted by jbpence View Post
pass: to me 130 miles a day AS AN AVERAGE means not actually enjoying the tour. just me. I can do big miles, but like to see what i am touring through. To maintain that kind of average, I think you'll be pulling a LOT of 150+ mile days.
It's worse than that if they are doing RAGBRAI. Doing RAGBRAI means they will spend a week at a much lower average. That will mean doing higher mileage the other three weeks.

It doesn't sound like fun to me, but different strokes. For me sagged touring is less fun and that is the only way I could even consider that kind of mileage. If the drivers do your shopping and laundry the mileage becomes more realistic. You won't find much time to stop and see the sights both because of the pace and because of being sagged. You will also not meet the local people or the other touring riders nearly as much. If you are just looking for the physical challenge and the grind, go for it, but if you really want to see the country and meet the people I advise a slower pace.

Very few folks touring wind up doing even 100 mile per day average, but quite a few come close. The few I met on tour that planned to wound up deciding on a slower pace after a week or so on the road.

Whatever you do, have a great trip.

BTW: I find the desire to do RAGBRAI as part of this trip at least a bit strange. It is an entirely different kind of experience than a fast coast to coast trip and takes you well out of your way. One would seem to be about the physical challenge and the other is more of a rolling party. The two don't seem to fit that well together to me.

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