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I know 130 miles seems like a lot Weetbix, but in 16 hours? That would be less than 9 mph all day. Even if you averaged 12 mph it would give you a lot of free time on the road for sightseeing or relaxing or eating and meeting the locals. I average 16 or 17 miles always on long trips with little or no effort even in the mountains. I can average 20 mph. I don't think I can do that day after day but my point is I don't need to with my normal pace. I'll have around 8 hours of riding time per day. I can break it down anyway I wish knowing that if I start at sun up I can ride casual with stops to eat and check things out and still be done by 5 or 6PM.

It's not like we're riding to a party every night and have to be the first one there like a race. We should have sunlight till after 9PM. I know that if I stop for dinner in the afternoon, all I'll need to do in the evening is set up tent, shower, maybe have a beer and relax with friendly riders, then off to a nice night of sleep to do it all over again the next day. Or I can keep moving, have dinner with my beer yet still be done with my day at a decent time to stay happy.

Sounds fun to me.

This is about the ride. I know stronger riders will have a good time. As for RAGBRAI, we think of it as an excursion off route. It will also be a chance for us to ride with some of our less strong friends who will never be able to keep our pace on the real ride. Yes, it combines two worlds of cycling, but it's all cycling so we think we should all end up having a fun and memorable vacation.

I also think those who know they are strong enough will be the ones signing on with us, not the naysayers who we would really rather not spend time with anyway. Join us if you read this and think you will have a good time. You know who you are.

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