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I have gotten a Nepali and Indian visa in the past 2 years.

The Indian visa (I have the 10 year tourist visa) I got through the mail from the Indian Embassy here in the U.S. From what I have heard it is handled a lot the same way in many other countries that have Indian Embassies.
My 10 year visa was US$110. If my memory holds true. They have the 6 months, 1 year, 5 year and 10 year with different fees.

The Nepali visa is faster to get for you get at the border. Since it is a not as developed as mot countries they do not do mail processing for their visas. Their tourist visa is for 60 days, approx. US$40 Since you are entering at the east border I would get your visa fee in Indian Rupee from the airport at Beijing. The Indian rupee is the most accepted currency outside of their own. I got my visa at the Kathmandu airport but I have talked to others that received theirs at the border. Most people get theirs within a hour of processing but there are also horror stories of friends that get laid up over night. It is a real hit or miss on the wait. But let me assure you. IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT. The Himalayas are amazing as well as the humble and generous people. Hospitality is ingrained deeply into their culture. If you are ever low on energy, you could stop and any person/families' home and have Dal Baht (Rice and Lentils) and nepali chai tea to your heart delight. At any restaurant this meal, which is the staple, can be bought for 15-35 rupees (US 25-50 cents).
Hopefully this helps some. Also. I would love to see your route through these two countries for it is a ride I really really want to do next time visiting.

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