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Originally Posted by bigcranky
Thanks for the detailed info. Since I am a newbie and getting into cycyling, and heavy at about 275 pounds, would this be a suitable bike to start with? Will the frame, alloy wheels (Araya), and overall construction be satisfactory? I am looking for something solid and reliable to start with to begin the process of getting in shape and losing weight, as well as enjoying the cycling. Thanks in advance for any further input on this.

In all honesty, at 275lbs an older aluminum frame, particularly a bonded aluminum one, may not last long. (I feel your pain, being about 240 myself.) Aluminum tends to get more brittle with age, and unlike steel it does not bend before braking, resulting in sudden catastrophic failure rather than cracking or warping first. I also have an issue with the glued frame construction. If these are anything like the old Vitus framesets (I have a Vitus 979 in the garage), I wouldnt recomend riding it on a day to day basis.

In my opinion, if your looking for a second-hand road bike, or anything from the 80's, I'd look into one of the many cro-moly steel frames from that era. Comfortable ride, and built to last. If you realy want aluminum, I would stick to welded aluminum frames made after 1999 or so.

my $.02
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