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Originally Posted by PainTrain
I've seen threads recently in which angry cyclists curse clueless motorists. In one thread many posters said they feel uncomfortable in their local bike shop because of the arrogance of the clerks. Another deals with bad feelings on the part of a rider who was ridiculed for the jersey he or she wore.

Why do Americans think of bikes as toys?

Too many cyclists behave like children.
Only those dedicated to driving think bikes are toys. And far too many cagers think their personalities are linked to their transportation.

I recall being in an accident in 1983 and telling the insurance co. of the kook that hit me that my bike cost $900, and they just freaked... $900... they wanted "salvage rights." "Sure" my reply... "two tacoed wheels and a bent frame and handle bars... no problem."

"How can anyone own a $900 bike?"

"I don't own a car."
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