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The bike you mentioned is one of the best bikes in its particular market category, and weighs about the same as any good bike of its type. You do NOT "give something up" by riding a good hybrid. You gain a more comfortable riding position, the cushy and stable ride of bigger tires, the load carrying ability of longer chain stays, the shock absorption of a longer wheelbase and the stable steering of a relaxed headtube angle. You "give up" pretending to be Lance Armstrong...something you probably have no interest in doing.

I have a bike that weights 19 pounds. Four or five that weigh 21 to 25 pounds. Several weigh 26 to 30 pounds. And, my "shopping" bike (with racks, bags, and multiple lighting systems) weighs 40 pounds. All are equally fun and enjoyable to ride. And, on my typical 20 mile route through the level swamp called Houston, my typical "time" (for what THAT is worth) tends to be more or less the same on the 19 pound bike as on the 40 pound bike.

Get a bike that suits YOUR riding needs, and don't worry about weight. The bike you mentioned, depending on which size you select, and which tires you put on it, will weigh only a few pounds more than a "skinny" tire roadbike in the same price range.

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