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All the folks in the article well all but 1 are in the burbs NOT right in Detroit . I live here just south of Detroit . This has to be the worst place to bike on the planet or at atleast the USA. MOST of the new riders you see are stealth riders and breaking the trafic laws . This reporter had to dig to find the riders he interviewed IMHO and I have lived here my entire 54 yrs.

We have NO useful mass transit here to speak of we have empty buses to no were and a bike lane is so uncommon NO one but a very small few would even know what one is . Take the goofie FREEP article with a grain a salt IMHO anyway thou bike sales are up a LOT at my local LBS there are still not many riders here .Detroit and its BURBS except maybe Ann Arbor is just NOT a bike friendly place and it will take 25+ yrs if ever to become bike friendly IMHO .

That was a nice warm and fuzzy article but not much in reality ... My 2 cents but I have lived here my whole life !
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