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The Shot Heard 'Round the Office

So....there I was sitting at my workstation yesterday mid-morning, merrily working away when what sounded like a pistol shot made everyone jump and a couple of the girls scream.

We all got up and started wandering around the building, trying to figure out what the sound was and where it came from. After a couple of minutes of head-scratching and theorizing, yours truly brilliantly discerned the answer through Holmes-ian powers of deduction:

"Somebody" had ridden their bike into work yesterday. The weather that morning was a few degrees below freezing. Before he began his morning commute, the culprit had pumped his new tubes up to the tire's pressure capacity. Upon arriving at the workplace, he brought his bicycle into the heated hallway where he habitually parks just outside the window in my office which looks out on said hallway. I theorized that the air in the tubes increased with the heat and caused a blow-out. A quick inspection found the rear tire of the subject's bike to not only be flat, but blown completely off the rim on one side. The front tire of the bicycle was so hard I was unable to push it in even a little bit with my thumb.

Somebody....not saying it was me or anything.....
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