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I ate it on the way to work today

In 7 years of cycling I've never had a crash...until this morning. I decided to change things up a little and ride my tri bike in, which I just finished upgraded from 105 9 speed to DA 9 speed. I'm cruising along like normal, then out of nowhere my front wheel just pulls hard to the right. I hit the curb like a ramp and cleared the 3' sidewalk and landed right-shoulder-first about 4' into the soft dirt there, then head-first into a wood fence (finally got some use from my helmet!). I was doing about 18mph at the time, but somehow there seems to be no damage. The bike all looks good, just one little scuff that will come off, and I feel like nothing ever happened.

The thing that concerns me is that I have no idea what caused it. I wasn't turning, wasn't braking, wasn't shifting...just pedaling along in a straight line. I never saw anything in the road that would have done anything. Looking at the bike afterward, the wheels look completely normal, tires are just as they were before, chain stayed on the cog in the back and the chainring in the front...I'm stumped. So I don't know if it's something with the bike that I somehow overlooked or if there was something in the road that I didn't see (hopefully the latter).
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