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Originally Posted by darrinm81 View Post
Hey All,

Completely new to the cycling scene. I have just picked up a second hand bike and now am proceeding with purchasing all the accessories (that seem to be costing more than the bike!). I am in London and will be parking the bike (from time to time) in public.

The cycle has come with quick releases on front and rear wheels.

What is the best and most economical way to secure the wheels?

I have been told about security skewers however these cost approx 30 (US$60). There are some cheaper brands (Trans-X and ETC) however these seem to have problems with skewing or snapping!

I have also seen security nuts, however not sure the cost and if they can simply replace the quick release latches?
Security Nuts

Are there any other alternatives? Best place to buy?

Can someone provide some advice?

Given I live in London I guess 30 skewers are better than no wheels!
Those security nuts are actually kind of slick (not the breakaway one)
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