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Originally Posted by jimmyr View Post
So....there I was sitting at my workstation yesterday mid-morning, merrily working away when what sounded like a pistol shot made everyone jump and a couple of the girls scream.

This happened to me last year with a cr@ppy Innova tire. The bead failed. The slight pressure change between 30F in the garage to 70F in the office was just enough to put it over the top. Ironic as it should have been under more load with my not so small or light 215 Lbs frame riding the bike on the not so smooth Buffalo roads.

When my tire blew the bike was sitting 10 ft behind me in my office. I heard an increadibly loud bang and some dust started to fall from the ceiling tiles. My co-worker and I just sat there in stunned silence for a second. My ears were ringing for a little while after that. I looked around and after a few seconds realized the front tire blew off the rim. What a bang. Thank goodness it happend late in the day and most of the staff was gone. Otherwise they might have put the school in lockdown... I would not have wanted to be responsible for such an event.

Upon closer inspection of the tire I noticed that the bead had failed. I could have gotten the tire replaced under warrentee. The Innova snow tire was back ordered at least 2 weeks, add in an other week for shipping from the west coast and it would have taken a better part of a month to get the tire replaced. Since it was January I could NOT do without a Winter tire. I bought a Nokia W106 from Peter White and had it in 1 day!!! That was just crazy normally NH takes at least 2 days UPS ground. The Nokians are MUCH better quality tire. So far no bead failures on the quality tire. The steel studs one the Innova were pretty much useless after 2 months of riding. The Carbite studs finished off the season and have been on all this season for a total run time of nearly 3 months and about 1000 miles and the studs look nearly as good as new.

Happy riding,
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