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Originally Posted by nashcommguy View Post
The fact that it's front page news is a real plus no matter what. When urban areas begin to recognize the movement needs of their 'people' instead of being slaves to the 'king auto' then we'll see REAL changes. It's all about attitude. Cycle-commuting has always been the province of the eccentric few. As the economic realities continue to deteriorate 'bicycling' will move from it's current status as 'toy' or 'recreation' or 'loser' and move to the utilitarian use we all know and love.

Everyday I field questions at work about my commute. People really are re-evaluating their life choices...at least it seems so to me if my co-workers' continual questions are any indication. And I work at a GM facility here in Spring Hill, TN where the Traverse is made. These are all 'hardcore UAW' guys, too. There's SOMETHING in the air that's for sure. Whether it's permanent or not remains to be seen...
I like your thinking. Here are some pics to assist your arguments.


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