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Originally Posted by MNBikeguy View Post
Minneapolis is proposing this controversial 1 mile stretch that will be the last link in a trail system.

Read here.
I donno, what does it cost to add a lane to a freeway? There always seems to be money for more freeway lanes... but support any other form of transit and the whines start immediately.

Of course most of the noise comes from locals that don't want their monies used for what they consider a sport... "those cyclists and their toys..."

If cycling was considered transportation, then the federal funding would be there to support it...

But that's not how it works here in America.

According to the article, in this case the costs are due to the price of the land that is needed for the path... not the construction itself. No matter what would be done with that land, if it is a public project, it will cost. Period

I know how they can save a bundle of money... just close an existing downtown street to motorists and turn it over to cyclists. (provided of course such a street existed to make the connection. ) Then let people whine when they want to add another road for cars. BINGO!

Or perhaps instead of letting all those cars park downtown for what ever a typical meter costs... they should up the ante to really reflect the value of the land that each car occupies. That might open a few eyes.

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