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Our bike paths in Indiana are just getting started, really. The Monon has been there for years, but others have been slow going. What has helped, though, is that a lot of them are built/being built on donated land. Many property-owners see the value of having a bike trail, and donate the necessary right-of-way (or the land itself) to the trail cause.

Here in Greencastle, most of our trail (People Pathways) is built on donated land. It's a short trail, I suppose, at 3 miles or so. Right now, it connects to bike lanes on the roads before becoming a rail-trail that runs from from here to Fillmore. There are many such small trails throughout this part of Indiana. The plan is for all of them to be connected one day.

When they are all completed, I will be able to ride from Greencastle to Indianapolis (about 50-60 miles, depending on where you're going) almost entirely on bike paths. Of course, I'll likely be riding a trike by then, as I'll be 120.
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