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Replace things as they crap out, you probably won't exceed the bikes abilities for a while.
Keep it in good condition and sell later when you have a good idea of your cycling abilities and needs.

When you get serious about bikes, it becomes a frame issue. It's all about the frame.
A good mtb frame (only) starts above 300-800$.

But @ that point, you'll probably know what you like to ride, and what is bunk design.

You COULD upgrade the bike but it seems to me, not usefull.

Some stuff that can change the feel besides suspension - Tires (on the road mostly?) get small slicks, nice cushy well designed grips or some fat padded gloves.
Good pedals that revolve well and grip to your shoes.

Don't forget to buy a helmet -and wear it.

Things nice to have...a pump. A set of tools\ hex keys. A patch kit. Some light tint sunglasses that will fit when wearing a helmet. Water bottle. Hmmm All purpose lube.

You COULD get a new front shock...but you want to up^grade, $$$, maybe 200-400 for a 'decent' fork.

Now if you upgrade the fork...think about putting it on a different bike, 'cause a 400$ fork would deserve a better frame.

Look into hardtail mtb's, less crap to go wrong, a bit cheaper -(spend the savings on a fork) and easier to maintain.

If you are heavy person, perhaps a mechanical front disc brake.
Also, I swap the front brake pads on stock V-s and run softer (colored, less carbon) rubber pads front to get a better grip on the rim. Really helps in the wet, or with dirty rims.
Your stopping power is in the front, use the back brake for slowing.

Currently I use Jagwire, salmon Koolstops are great too.

Hope you have a great time with your new bike!
Just to make you feel good..my favorite mtb is 14 years old and has had a total of $700 tossed into it, before front suspension.

(it's very custom and nice tho-.)
Really good bikes are expensive, make sure you know what you 'need' when bike shopping.
Your bikes fine, in a year, you may feel a need for speed....

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