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Originally Posted by nashcommguy View Post
Again, thanks very much. This is all very 'rich' in info and innovation. The idea is to have a complete 'in-house' facility similar to the Raleigh model of the 20th century. Everything except for the saddles was made 'on-site', I believe. Yeah, the utility forum is on my hit list as well as the A&S, SS/FX, Winter, etc. Another site is www.icebike.com which has great articles on clothing options...mostly recreational, but good options for commuting, too. www.bikewebsite.com www.commutebybike.com etc.

There's SO much info out there it'll take a while just to go thru the options. If this thing catches fire there's no telling where it will lead. The thing I'm most impressed with in my union brothers and sisters is their willingness to think and consider the unorthodox in a very conservative 'auto-centric' culture. There is a phenomenal amount of pride in the American worker even on the subject of building a 'Union made' bike. Everything you've posted has been duly noted, gratefully received and will be utilized that's for sure.
Did you see the President's address to Congress tonight? Your plan is exactly the kind of thing he was talking about to get the economy going. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to look into one of those entrepeneur start-up loans to get this thing going?

Off topic--Obama seemed to make a big commitment in the speech to not let the US auto industry die. I say, don't let it die--let it make bikes!

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