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Tire Tread Causes Flats?

I use Panaracer Pasela tires. They're a road tire, basically smooth except for a decorative tread pattern on them.

Anyway, I know the tread is pretty useless for traction on such a road tire, and its purpose is only for marketing since people don't know better...
doesn't bother me, except I'm starting to think it may actually make the tire vulnerable.

I just noticed recently...
Of all the flats I get, I'd say on about 3/4 of the time the sharp piece of glass or whatever debris has been found to have punctured the tire in the groove of the tread pattern. Of the total surface area of the tire this area is rather low, so if the majority of punctures are in this place I'm thinking its a vulnerability.

Maybe because the rubber is a millimeter thinner in the treads? Or maybe because the groove provides a foothold for debris to wedge into where it would otherwise slide out to the side?

Anyone else have a theory, or notice a similar pattern of weakness due to treads?

I haven't tried slicks before, so I dunno if they get fewer punctures... might be something to try switching to...
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