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Originally Posted by werewolf View Post
very narrow high pressure slick tire with strong thick rubber. Who makes that?
FWIW, I love Paselas. I discovered them six or eight years ago and have them on all three of my road bikes now, in sizes from 28 to 37mm. I've had a few flats, but flats are common here in Big Thorn country. Never noticed where they were on the tire, but the Pasela TGs (with the Kevlar belt) are about as flat resistant as any tires I've tried.

Re the second post, on narrow high pressure slicks, Specialized used to make (may still; I haven't checked) a tire called the Armadillo that had only a token tread, just a kind of stylized Specialized "S" barely etched in, with thick rubber and a supposedly bulletproof belt. You could buy them narrow and run them hard, but I tried a pair and they were AWFUL. It was like riding on wooden rings or something. I did one century on them and gave them away. Narrow high pressure tires have a number of disadvantages, and I've found that most people I convince to try larger ones a little soft don't switch back. I run my 37mm Paselas at 75 psi, and I weigh 240 pounds.
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