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Test your wits - Suntour Symmetric reassembly challenge! With pics!

Are you smart enough to reverse my stupidity?

The Suntour Symmetric shifters on my '84 LeTour kept slipping, so I took them apart to clean them.

Guess what (you saw this coming a mile away): these shifters are not so easy to reassemble correctly! I should have been taking notes or pictures when I was taking them apart. There are 26 pieces (if I didn’t lose any) and “Symmetric” is a misnomer – the design is not symmetrical.

My search of old threads shows that others have found Symmetric reassembly challenging as well. And no one has found exploded-view diagrams of these.

I took my best guess at positioning the parts, and took these photos … can anyone comment, does this look right to you?

One of the asymmetrical quirks of this design is the notched spacers – there are 2 identical ones (which I've put on the left side) and a third that is different (right side).

I think they go as pictured, but I’m not sure. Can anyone comment on that?

Another brainteaser is the ingenius (but flawed, per Sheldon) cam that auto-trims the FD when you shift the RD.

I think this is the correct positioning – can anyone confirm? (if you placed the cam at a 180 degree rotation from the photo, it would trim the FD in the other direction when the RD was shifted)

Thanks for your help!
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