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Originally Posted by Banzai View Post
To set up the shifter correctly, you want to first set up the rear.


Shift the rear to the biggest cog.

Put the chain on the inner chainring in front.

Set the inner limit stop to the appropriate spot.

Pull the cable and secure.

Doing these steps sets the inner limit...and the innermost trim...with the chain at its innermost possibility. In other words, with the right arm fully pulled, the left is slid aft on the downtube, but is still laying flat. After you set up like this, after you un-pull or flatten the right arm to move the chain to successively smaller rear cogs, the left arm will move forward on the downtube and will pull cable to move the cage outboard as well.

And then vice versa.

It's really a neat system, and I'm kinda sorry they don't make them anymore.
This is very helpful - I'm going to print this out and follow it closely. I also appreciate your apparent confidence that I will have working Symmetric shifters.

I really appreciate all the help. The BF C&V community is just fantastic. A guy interviewed me today for a piece he's writing about cycling, for a local sports magazine. He asked how I got into road biking and I told the story of how I rescued an old bike, and got all the help I needed to restore it from the BF C&V forum. So we'll see if he mentions us. (I told him to spread the word that we love fly-by vintage value inquiries! )
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