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Funny story, my son I and were in the LBS getting ready to go ride when a man and his son walked in. My son was "helping" work on a bike when the other kid walks in and starts talking smack. They were from out of town and his dad and I were talking about where they were planning to go. I said I would show them around the area they wanted to ride so away we went. My son made it a point to drop this kid on the first big climb, wait on him at the top and then destroy him on a tricky decent. He never said a word to the other kid. When we got in the truck to go home he told me how the kid talked down to him.All I said was if your gonna' walk into a bike shop and talk smack you better be able to back it.He kinda' chuckled and let it go.Cryo's right,it's about having fun not being better than someone.
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