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Originally Posted by brookyates View Post
I am prepping for the ACA northern tier route and I had a stove question. I have never heard of a wood burning stove before this post. Can someone send me info, suggestions, opinions etc..

I have a whisper lite stove from MSR - pro - can find fuel anywhere - con - heavy and multiple parts

I was also looking into the Jet Boil, Pocket Rocket and Snow Peak - pro - small and light - con - must find specific fuel canisters and I am concerned about finding stores that will carry this type of canister (especially in the middle of the midwest).

I just did the Northern Tier last summer and you will have very big stretches of not being able to find cannister fuel. If weight if a big deal I would suggest the MSR simmer lite stove. It's like 5 oz and you already have the bottles. When I left the West Coast I was able to find cannisters at Walmart..... when I got to North Dakota Walmart didn't carry them any longer...... Having to worry about something like how your going to cook your dinner isn't something I ever want to worry about again.

The weight savings you get from a lighter stove are lost if your having to carry 3 cannisters so you don't run out.

That being said. I plan to ride the West Coast this summer and will be bringing my cannister stove. I will have much better chances of finding retailers that carry them.

My 2 Cents.
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