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I have both a Littlebug Junior and a Sierra Zip stove. In the Sierra Zip stove, the fire is completely contained and doesn't touch the support surface, as the fan is below it. It burns fast and hot, leaving few ashes, but it's heavy and bulky compared to the 5 oz. Littlebug.

I bought a lightweight steel backpacker's dinner plate at REI to put under the Littlebug, this contains the ashes. With either stove, bury the ashes in a little hole when you're done. These are small stoves, you'll be burning twigs and bark chips, so there won't be much to dispose of.

Or use the Littlebug with an open-top can of denatured alcohol if you have reasons not to burn wood. Littlebug recommends a 7-oz Sterno can, which measures 2" high and 3.25" diameter -- like a cat-food can but a bit taller -- remove the entire top of the can.
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