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Is it possible to use my bike?

Hi. I've been into cycling for the past two years. I haven't been able to do it as much as I have wanted to but I am looking into doing a tour. Not sure how long yet, but I have a good amount of time with no commitments, and I want to go cycling and see parts of the country. This might involve touring for a time and then taking a mass transit at other times.

Anyway, I am in the starting phase of the idea. The bike I ride right now is a Bianchi Brava. I understand that to load a bike with touring equipment its best to have a touring bike, but I thought I would ask anyway. Anyway to modify my bike a bit to make it work? I do love my bike. The Brava is made out of steel so it is a stronger body but I guess a lot of it deals with the frame and clearance.

Like most things in life..I want to spend as little amount as money as i would rather not buy a whole nother bike for touring as I don't know if I would ever do this again.

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