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ah.... sure.
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You can tour on anything like mentioned above. I toured with two guys last summer across North Dakota that did just fine on road bikes... 23mm tires and and light racks.

Was the setup they had ideal? Not really. Did it work? Sure did. Would I have wanted to be the one riding the bikes they had? Nope.

Did they have a blast? Sure did. Did I look down on them because they had something other than a LHT? Nope.

You mention spending as little as possible. I have ortliebs and axiom waterproof panniers. Both keep my stuff dry. The axioms are much less money and work great. Mounting is very secure. More so than my Ortliebs.

Don't get to hung up on this stuff. You mentioned that you love the bike. Go with the one you love!

my 2 cents.
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