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What is it with some forum posters?

I'm referring to a group of somewhat regular posters who seem to follow the forums looking for an opportunity to rudely reproach a post that they deem misguided. Sometimes the original post is flat wrong, sometimes debatably wrong, and sometimes correct but misunderstood. What bothers me more than the potentially incorrect information is the rudeness of so many posts.

Of course I understand the sentiment that wrong information should not be propagated, but it seems to me that a positive environment should be the first priority for a forum that first and foremost is for people interested in an internet cycling community. I have no problem with posts that correct bogus information; this is often done in a constructive and informative way. However, too often I'll see a post where a minor error was made and the vultures sweep in to claim victory by rudely capitalizing on the mistake in what I imagine is an effort to demonstrate their superior knowledge of bicycle information.

I suppose those posters justify their style based on the belief that above all these forums should be a resource of nothing but correct information. Again, I of course want the discussions to ultimately arrive at the "truth", but it is sad that it is often done at the expense of an environment in which general enthusiasts will feel comfortable making posts.

I wonder if it is the anonymous nature of the forums that brings out this behavior? Some aggressive / obnoxious drivers act in a way that I'm sure they would otherwise not if it weren't for the fact that they can anonymously take out their day to day frustrations. It is sad to be reminded of a horn honking SUV driver when reading about the hobby I've adopted partially to get away from the horn honking culture.
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