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Originally Posted by Derailed
However, too often I'll see a post where a minor error was made and the vultures sweep in to claim victory by rudely capitalizing on the mistake in what I imagine is an effort to demonstrate their superior knowledge of bicycle information.
So if poster "A" posts innacurate/innane/insane information at 8:00 am and poster "B" corrects it when he/she logs in at 5:00 pm, poster "B" is "swooping in like a vulture"?

Some people will be upset when they get corrected no matter what the style of correction. Get over it.

I do the two "L"'s here: lurk and learn and I know there are lots of posters who post stuff they hear on a bike ride or read in Bicycling Mag that is complete BS and I'm glad when wrong info is corrected.
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