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I don't disagree that it is good to correct wrong information; it is the style that I think is sometimes bad for the forum.

I'd like to think that most people who post an answer to a question are trying to help. Perhaps the information they're passing along is indeed something they heard on a bike ride or read in a magazine (which, by the way, at least has an editorial staff). If you know what they've related to be incorrect, it would be a lot more constructive to explain why. A reply of, "that's just BS" followed by yet another answer really doesn't do any good. The poster of the potentially incorrect information is now less likely to contribute in the future (when they may well be able to help someone), and it is still not clear to other readers what the correct answer actually is.

If it is worth the effort to correct an erroneous post, why not take the time to do it in a polite way that actually clarifies the situation?

Originally Posted by waltergodefroot
So if poster "A" posts innacurate/innane/insane information at 8:00 am and poster "B" corrects it when he/she logs in at 5:00 pm, poster "B" is "swooping in like a vulture"?

Some people will be upset when they get corrected no matter what the style of correction. Get over it.

I do the two "L"'s here: lurk and learn and I know there are lots of posters who post stuff they hear on a bike ride or read in Bicycling Mag that is complete BS and I'm glad when wrong info is corrected.
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