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Originally Posted by ricohman View Post
Interesting. To bad about the health issues.
Is it true that the Chinese sensor the amount of info available on the internet?
Is it true that food portions are smaller and the people more appreciative?
I got tons more questions.......
thanks for the comment, health issue already cleared up - spent a day laid up, reading and calling ralph.

no comment on censorship - how would I know. I have had nothing but great experiences while here. There are some minor requirements for foreigners living in China. You have to register if you rent an apartment. thats all I know so far. I rented mine for a year, I like it so much here in china I am going to spend 1/2 my time here for the foreseeable.

ATMs: mine only works at the ATMs for foreign transactions. US credit cards generally dont work here. Bank of China foreign transaction ATMs are a ready source of cash without the forms one has to fill out to exchange USD for RNB. Don't know what other banks have these ATMs, if any.

when folks eat out here, they order several dishes, so portions could be huge. You can feed 5 very well at a nice restaurant for about 70 RNB (about ten dollars). Folks spin a lazy susan, sharing off the communal plates, picking at the food with the chopsticks with a small bowl for a private rice serving, so one tends to eat more slowly, and maybe thus not overeat.

People are very kind, open and warm, in my experience.
2009 Custom TI Frame Road Bike, all 2007 Campy Record, Campy Euros Wheelset
2009 Custom TI Frame touring Bike. S&S couplers, XTR Drivetrain. LOW granny.
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