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Originally Posted by BengeBoy View Post
Thanks for the update!

There was some dialogue about whether you can find 700c tires/wheels/rims easily - does the "good" bike shop you mentioned in your post carry 700c gear?
the shop is better than a lot of shops here in the states. full XTR drivetrains, road drivetrains, frames, rims, spokes, saddles, racks, you name it. They even fixed me up with a very cool rack (17.00 USD equivalent, installed) for my about town 'blue bastid'. I'll post picts of this very servicable, if antiquated, bike soon. And picts of my first experience with an underground bicycle traffic circle during my first rush hour excursion TOTALLY terrifying, though I am already accustomed to riding in this VERY bike friendly - if periously dangerous - city

and the bus and mail system pretty much can get parts to anywhere all over Yunnan. so I am told.

700c tires readily available here at the shop. My extrawheel trailer is built with a shimano disc hub and the same rim and spokes as my bike. Having discs, this is less critical, can ride with mildly bent rim. In a pinch, I'd unbuild my trailer wheel to replace the rear bike wheel if need be - hide or otherwise store the trailer, move the panniers from the extrawheel voyager trailer to the racks on the bike and go find parts.

I am using salsa delgados, so I dont expect any problem especially because I use a trailer, so not as heavily loaded. this is one tough wheel.

and on top of all that, I CAN use a 26" rim. another advantage of using disc brakes. my bottom bracket is high enough as well. this bike is build much more like a cyclocross bike, not a lowish BB like a touring bike (this is because its built for pulling a trailer, and I wanted it to be sporty when not touring).

so -- one way or the other, the rim issue is covered.
2009 Custom TI Frame Road Bike, all 2007 Campy Record, Campy Euros Wheelset
2009 Custom TI Frame touring Bike. S&S couplers, XTR Drivetrain. LOW granny.
2009 Performance Bicycles TI (by Lynsky) road frame, 7900 DA, 7950 DA Compact Crank, Light Niobium Rim Wheels
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