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Originally Posted by wahoonc View Post
PURE BS...there are plenty of car free people in the US that have no need for a car and I suspect many more that have cars and don't really need them. My son has lived car free for the past 3 years. I have a friend that was born and raised in NYC and has NEVER had a car or a driver's license.

Right I know a few people without cars, and it is possible. Like I mentioned above, I can significantly reduce the amount I use a car, which is great, but due to geographical limitations of living in the west, with my lifestyle choices (i.e hunting and fishing) I could not really go car free at this point. Maybe someday in the future (maybe we all will... like it or not... LOL...) but I want to do what I can to make a difference everyday, and rather than plan out exactly how to go car free right now, I though a better action was to take a step in that direction. back to what you were saying, many people can live car free and do, an I commend them for it, whether they are doing it by choice or not, it's not easy to give up that crutch.
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