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Originally Posted by breakaway9 View Post
Right I know a few people without cars, and it is possible. Like I mentioned above, I can significantly reduce the amount I use a car, which is great, but due to geographical limitations of living in the west, with my lifestyle choices (i.e hunting and fishing) I could not really go car free at this point. Maybe someday in the future (maybe we all will... like it or not... LOL...) but I want to do what I can to make a difference everyday, and rather than plan out exactly how to go car free right now, I though a better action was to take a step in that direction. back to what you were saying, many people can live car free and do, an I commend them for it, whether they are doing it by choice or not, it's not easy to give up that crutch.
As most people on the LCF and Utility forum know I am not car free, and by most standards wouldn't even qualify as car light...unless you count the fact I only own a heavy pickup truck

I am realistic enough to realize that a sizable portion of the population in the US doesn't have much if any choice at this point in time. However I also contend that many people could do a lot better with reducing car use. FWIW I sat in my living room today and watched an able bodied 37 year old male (wife's cousin) get into his full sized pickup to drive up to the end of the road to get the Sunday paper...a distance of maybe 350 yards...that is insane on many levels. This is the same guy that the doctor told him he had to clean up his act or he won't make it to age 50 because of his cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

It is a mindset and people need to change that mindset that plopping their overweight carcass behind the wheel of a car to go distances of less than 5 miles is generally unnecessary, unhealthy and wasteful.

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