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Originally Posted by LeeG View Post
"underground bicycle traffic circle"?
yes. in order to divert bike and scooter traffic away from a major intersection at Deng Feng and Remin Dong Lu, the bike paths dive under the intersection into a traffic circle. Its supposed to be one way around the circle, counterclockwise, but many don't care about that. On top of that, all the pedestrians walk underground here too, to avoid the busy intersection which does not have a pedestrian/bike overpass as most here do, so its a real turkey shoot.

sorry about the poor quality picts, its dark down there.

I had gotten ahead of the rush of scooters, so this is what it looks like 'between red lights' during rush hour in kunming. Note the expansive width of the bike/scooter lane, one on both sides of the 4 lane boulevard

then everyone catches up, electric scooters first

the approach to the underground bicycle traffic circle. The bike lane is descending under the busy intersection of Deng Feng and Remin Dong Lu

In the underground bike/scooter/pedestrian traffic Circle

after exiting the circle, a commercial district

there is even with a Wal-Mart - mixed blessing - one can quickly find a LOT of stuff that is hard for a foreigner to quickly locate here in Kunming. But its still a Wal=mart. Now that I am more accustomed to my neighborhood, I am loathe to go in there.

Near the Wal-mart, two women are getting ready to prepare food at a sidewalk stand. The on on the right is hand cranking a small fan to get the charcoal ready.

A view from a pedestrian overpass on Deng Feng. the overpasses are bike friendly too, as are almost ALL stairways in Kunming. the overpasses have ramps that a properly geared bike or scooter can just ride up and over, and even most small stairwells, even of, say 4 steps, include a ramp so you can push your bike instead of carry it.

2009 Custom TI Frame Road Bike, all 2007 Campy Record, Campy Euros Wheelset
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