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Ah, well I'll have to wait until tommorow, when there is more light then there is now.

I know that it is definately not an 80's model since my father bought this bike when he was about my age and lived in Chicago, then migrated across the US to California where we currently reside. Quite a long journey for a Schwinn eh?

Unfortunately like I mentioned earlier, the bike is severly rusted, the frame has remained intact with paint for the most part, but the seat bolt is rusted, shifter and brake cables shot, and brakes and calipers rusted and show signs of wear and tear, on top of that the years of neglect.

Naval Jelly and No.7 Chrome and Rust polish/remover have been the best of friends so far in this endevor.

I'm planning on somehow salvaging the logos and such by touching them up with model paint or other paint, and painting the frame black while the lettering red, finishing with a coat of gloss.

I plan on keeping as many parts as I can, while upgrading it with a custom turning and braking signal system controlled by the rider by either a small box with buttons or maybe a salvaged turn signal arm.

If I was to fix up this bike and restore it to it's original condition, what would it be worth? (1970's Schwinn Varsity)
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