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+30 mm. Aluminum Rim?

The front and rear rims of my Soul 2.0s have been knocked out of true (past the point of being able to be fixed by re-truing the spokes, there's actual rim damage. I'm going to talk to sean about replacements or see what he can do, but that's a different story) in different incidents.

Long story short, I'm looking for a new set of rims.

- more than 30 mm. section (no RR1.2s, CXP 33s, or IRD/Niobium Aeros, plz)
- aluminum (don't think I can justify carbon rims until I upgrade to the 3s)

Can you buy just rims like this? The hubs and spokes are fine (other than a couple), so I'd rather not buy a whole new wheelset. Thanks!
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