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Thanks for the responses. I test rode both the Marseille and the Roubaix Pro over the weekend and bought the Roubaix Pro! I really like the Shimano 105 group -- have had it in the past -- and the extra 300 for Ultegra wasn't worth it to me. Everything I've learned about the Marseille suggests that it's the exact same bike as the Roubaix pro except for Ultegra. Also, the Marseille is Red/white (mostly white) and not nearly as sharp-looking IMO as the electric blue/platinum Roubaix Pro.

Love the Roubaix Pro. That's all I can say. Great deal, great bike.

Condor, re: your LBS stating that the Roubaix Pro frame was better than the 105 components, I have to laugh. 105 is tried-and-true, hi-value, nice group. What a silly thing to say. Sometimes I wonder about the obsession with premium component groups. As if Shimano 105 is some kind of bargain basement group! Not so. It's quite nice and will serve you well for quite a long time.

In terms of the double versus triple deal, I wanted the stock double so I'm very happy.

One of you mentioned the lighter Roubaix. Yes, it's lighter but it's also Fuji's composite Aluminum X-fusion deal, so if you're OK with that, go for it. I wanted Reynolds 853.

And, if you're really a weight-a-holic, take a look at the Fuji Team bike, which is 15lbs. Not my cup of tea, again, but just FYI.


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