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Originally Posted by jdott View Post
I would suggest something with an insert. Yes, they are a pain in the butt and sort of look funny. But that being said, I couldn't imagine being stuck with only one lens choice. At a minimum you need a dark lens (sunny) and an amberish lens (overcast/early morning).
Or you can get how photochromatic (light-sensitive) prescription lenses. In dim light, they are as clear as your regular eye glasses. As the sun gets stronger, the lenses get darker. They don't get quite as dark as the darkest regular sunglasses (unless you have an extra tint in the lenses), but they may get dark enough for you if your eyes are not super-sensitive and the sun is not super bright (like high altitude in the snow). Besides, super-dark may not be a good idea if your route includes on-and-off shade from trees or buildings. There are several different brands of photochromatic lenses. The better ones change color in less than a minute. Depending on the size of your lenses, photochromatic lenses may be only $50 more than regular prescription lenses.

I really hate inserts. They are heavy and uncomfortable and limit your ability to adjust your glasses.
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