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Originally Posted by tarman_x
I always thought the dimples on a golf ball were to give it more "bite" in the air so you could put spin on it and curve the trajectory. Seems to me that would make something less aerodynamic. Then again, I could be talking out of my rear.
Actually The dimples on a golf ball are to generate lift and keep the ball in the air. Dimple design is varried between different ball types due to differing initial spin rates. The cover (and mantle/core) softness is what creates the amount of spin on a golf ball. To me with the frame being non rotational simply dimpling it would cause air turbulance which would result in drag which would be bad. Maybe dimpling in specific areas (trailing edges?) can help the turbulance of the air coming off the tubes to help aerodynamics. Got to admit I am not a fluid dynamics engineer or anything so I could be wrong. I do know that they dimple the under side of some cars to aide with niose retuction caused by air turbulance going under the car so maybe there is something to it.
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