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Originally posted by lotek
With all the threads about Bike Snobs(which I contributed
to), Phreds, Rude and inconsiderate cyclists
I just wanted to share my thoughts about cyclists in
general and an example.
A week ago I sent an e-mail in response to an
ad on CampOnly
After exchanging a few e-mails the seller and I agreed
on a price and shipping.
Today I received the parts, all of them in
better condition than described, with some additional
bits thrown in (3 sets friction shifters, NIP ergohoods).
what really got me, I haven't sent the check yet.
The seller said to check the stuff out, then send a check
if I want the parts.
Talk about trust, he shipped this to someone he
doesn't know, addressed to a post office box.
My sense is that as a whole Cyclists are trusting,
generous, all around good people.
It really makes me proud to say I'm a member
of that kind of community.


I know exactly what you mean. I have been wheeling and dealing Campy Nuovo/Super Record parts back and forth with a guy on Long Island for almost a decade now, and we have never met. He is as honest as can be. It's always a pleasure to find someone like that. Cheers!
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