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Originally Posted by PatrickMcCabe View Post
I will try to keep this short. My older dog Scooter (13 years) was diagnosed after multiple urinary tract infections, with bladder stones. We altered her diet, cleared up the most recent infection, and a few
months later had another set of xrays done. Guess who didnt have any more stones?
As amatter of fact, they were all gone!!!!! My guess, and I am no vet, is that it was diet based....
Aw, I'm so happy for scooter! Do you know what kind of stones she had?

The problem with the type of stone this dog has is that there isn't much known about how to prevent it, and if they start to form, they can't be dissolved by diet. Pretty much, the worst kind to have

It is completely possible they will never recur, and its also possible 2 years later it could pop up again out of nowhere. And that gamble is part of what's so hard.
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